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Welcome, I am glad that you are here. I am here to serve you. Helping to build a solid foundational basis through legal planning for families and family-owned businesses in Michigan is my passion. With over 20 years of experience advising business clients, I am perfectly suited to handle your foundational business needs. I have developed a blend of leadership, legal expertise, and strategic thinking that can be instrumental in helping entrepreneurs navigate challenges and achieve their goals. I understand the need to balance legal considerations with business goals, and I am well-versed in areas such as contract negotiation, intellectual property, compliance, and risk mitigation. I work closely with businesses providing strategic guidance, advising on legal matters, and facilitating growth opportunities.

I have first-hand experience of the emotional pain and financial burden placed upon families when their loved one unexpectedly dies without an Estate Plan. I became passionate about helping others choose an outcome that keeps your family out of court and conflict following the death of my son who was a firefighter and paramedic and died of a workplace exposure to COVID-19. The weeks and months following his death were very difficult because he died without an Estate Plan. This burdened his family financially and emotionally with a legal proceeding called probate and robbed them of the needed opportunity to grieve in peace. This was an outcome that he never would have chosen for his family.

My firm continues my son’s legacy of community service.  This firm is committed to educating, enabling, and empowering you to choose the planning tools that best fit your needs and your budget.

I look forward to learning your story, hearing what matters to you, and helping you discover what is actually needed to keep your loved ones out of court and out of conflict when something happens to you (or them).

To find out more about how you can start on this important planning schedule your FREE 15-minute consultation. 

I would love to send you a copy of Wear Clean Underwear: A Fast, Fun, Friendly – and Essential – Guide to Legal Planning for Busy Families for FREE as my gift to you for considering working with me.

Simply click here to request your free copy and it will immediately arrive in your inbox.

It's called Wear Clean Underwear because your mom always told you to wear clean underwear in case you were in an accident. But once you are a parent, there are important legal planning steps you need to take as well. By the way, the book gets 4.4 stars on Amazon.

Mary Ann Wehr

This quick guide helps you learn how to make the smart and loving choice for your family

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Learn From Mary Ann

  • Kids Protection Plan Presentation
  • Guardian Nomination Workshop
  • Asset Protection Planning

Mary Ann's presentations help you discover what's missing from your legal foundations – and how to fix it. Mary Ann has spoken to groups at non-profit organizations, churches, and more. Availability is limited so reach out right away.

Happy Clients

Jackie R.

I worked with Mary Ann for many years at General Motors. She is extremely talented, passionate about her work, quick to connect with others and works tirelessly to achieve the client’s objectives. Mary Ann brings a broad breadth of experience, having worked across multiple practice areas at GM, including global, complex technology and commercial transactions. She is hardworking, diligent, focused but always has a smile and a kind word to offer. She is delightful to work with and would be a fantastic addition to any legal team.

Kimberly B.

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Ann over the the past several years. Mary Ann is extremely knowledgeable and she is a great collaborative partner. She is thoughtful, decisive and thorough. In all of our problem solving interactions I found Mary Ann to be flexible and open to simple solutions as well as creative solutions. Mary Ann is personable and helps to make a happy working environment. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her on projects and issues. Having Mary Ann as part of any legal team would be a plus!

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