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Mary Ann Wehr  //  Attorney

I am a compassionate, knowledgeable attorney who truly begins each day with the determination to be better, to serve my clients better, and to do my part to make the world a better place through service. I end every day with satisfaction that I have accomplished what I set out to do and with the knowledge that tomorrow presents an opportunity to do even more. 

As executive counsel for General Motors, I provided strategic legal advice and representation on a wide range of legal issues related to the company's operations. I was able to do this because I learned the details of each business unit that I supported. As your strategic advisor, I will get to know the details of your business so that the legal work that I perform supports your business objectives. As a strategic advisor, I will identify potential legal issues before they become major problems and, in this way, play a critical role in managing the company's legal risks. I am a skilled negotiators and analytical person. I will benefit your business by collaborating with your company to find creative solutions to legal issues that arise in your company's operations. Overall, I can provide critical legal advice and coordinate support that enables your company to operate effectively and manage its legal risks in an initiative-taking and strategic manner. You get the benefit of a lawyer who understands the power of in-house legal support and understands that not every business is able to develop in-house legal resources. Business success is all about having sound foundational components. 

My calling to the practice of Estate Planning occurred with the death of my son, who was 33 years old, a firefighter and paramedic and died of a workplace exposure to COVID-19. The weeks and months following his death were more difficult because he died without an Estate Plan. This burdened his family with a legal proceeding called probate and robbed us of the needed opportunity to grieve in peace.  As his mother, I experienced the first-hand pain that burdened the people who he loved most. This was an outcome that he never would have chosen. It took six months to probate his estate. 

These areas pf practice seem to be far apart, but the reality is that families own businesses, and every business should have a succession plan that will successfully support their family. Every family should have an estate plan that simplifies the details if the worst happens. I opened my practice with a focus on supporting families, and business owners to both succeed in business and leave their family with a plan that will work, and not just a set of documents that may or may not work. I am enthusiastic about designing fitting estate plans that will avoid probate, protect children with the Kids Protection ProgramTM and preserve the family legacy of your intellectual, spiritual, and human assets. I am equally passionate to make my years of legal experience available to your company.

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